There is something extraordinary about belonging and being involved in a team that carries a strong sense of pride and identity. The word uniform comes with the assumption it restricts wearers or makes us all the same. When in fact, uniforms help create a sense of team spirit among players, members and even boost self-esteem.

Uniforms can play a significant role in uplifting team spirit and morale as well as fostering a professional appearance. Many young athletes take their uniforms for granted and do not realise the impact that is simply wearing a uniform can bring.

In September, our client Adzoo headed to Sydney for the national bowling finals sponsored by the Australian Traffic Network. “The Bowling Stones”, strutted along Darling Harbour and turned heads in their personalised threads. This sense of unity and credibility when walking down the street, carried over to the bowling alley.

“There’s something special about wearing a branded team shirt that is personalised and has your name on the front”Adzoo

The Bowling Stones didn’t take home the winning prize, but word on the street is that one team member puts her high score down to the custom-made threads.

Uniforms help promote a sense of community and commonality, they’re not just functional. Well-designed uniforms serve a practical purpose but also encourage people to feel like part of a group with a common goal.

If you have an upcoming event, social club gathering or competition, get in touch with the team at ID Athletic to view our range and design your customised team threads.