You all know that designing and selling Custom Printed T-Shirts is no small achievement. There are lots of steps you need to take into consideration before we can express a service.

Below we offer some simple tips to help us to simplify our work and speed up the progress.

Tip 1. Begin mapping a strong idea: Hardening your design on paper can speed up the process! Yes, it can take time to come up with a solid plan, we strongly advise to get a clear idea or to write a key list of themes.

Three Points To Consider

–    What is your brand?

–    Who is your market?

–    Why are you designing a shirt in the first place?

Eventually, if you put all your ideas together, your design will unfold! ID Athletic can help you create the perfect art t-shirt!


Tip 2. Try to make it simple – and stick to a few choice colours. Sometimes adding an overwhelming colour combination can slow the progress and creates frustration.


Tip 3. Budget: With a budget, we can find an easier solution for you from the beginning, and work around it.


Tip 4. Our Delivery: Here at ID Athletic, we produce everything in-house- meaning we control all productions which allows us to deliver it faster than many other suppliers!


Do you feel overwhelmed by a t-shirt design? The team here at ID Athletic have got you covered! Whether you require artwork to create or already have your own – we can work with you to create the perfect design.


Have you created a t-shirt and colour that looks smashing? We love to know what our Perth talent is creating!


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