Are you ready to run? Are ready to kick? Are you prepared for the centre bounce? The time to start thinking about your 2019 Australian Football League gear is now.

ID Athletic is ready for the 2019 AFL season. As the countdown begins, you’ll know you are ready for footy pre-season too when you kick off your custom-made footy outfit. Western Australia based ID Athletic creates the highest quality of Aussie rules football uniforms. We have a passion for football and a passion for designing the best footy attire that meets the needs of teams across Australia.

Our athletic wear stands up to the challenges of playing the fast-paced and hard-hitting Aussie rules football for the duration of the season from pre-season through the end of the final’s series. We tailor every uniform with care and attention to look, feel, comfort and durability. Your movement on the field will be fast, fluid and flexible.

You won’t need to sacrifice style for performance in our team apparel. ID Athletic’s Aussie rules football uniforms are designed with modern trends in mind. Your team will look great on the field with advanced fabrics in bold colours. If you need an updated version of an older uniform, you can bring it into our showroom and we can match it to a colour swatch.

We offer logo redraws by converting low-resolution images to high-quality vector images. This allows you to keep the logo you’ve grown to love but in sharper focus with crisper lines and definition.  With these top-quality designs on your footy uniform, your team will have a professional, polished appearance on the field.

This is the time of year to get ready for the upcoming footy season. Make sure your team will be prepared to kick, run and handle the ball with ease and style. ID Athletics operates out of Western Australia to meet your team’s custom needs. We can help you rise to the challenge of the 2019 footy season!