Nothing beats the warm and fuzzy feeling of putting on a new hoodie…. Even more when it has your name on it!

 Heading back to school in the 2020 graduating class is an exciting experience for students both in senior and junior school. You’re either about to take the leap from primary school to senior school; or thinking about life beyond high school as a teenager about to be thrusted into “adulthood”. Leavers jackets and jumpers are one of the most treasured pieces of clothing for many, as it far outweighs the excitement any other article of school uniform can generate.

We heard some of our clients still don their leavers jacket, even years past their graduating year. Why? It’s the sentimental value that comes with having a personalised piece of clothing to mark the end of a huge chapter.  From retro-style artwork to classic favourites, our extensive design gallery has something for everyone.

 Pick from our selection of custom polos, jerseys and jackets which are perfect for every school graduate. Our custom school leavers uniforms have a great look and feel, making them a must have for all students (and teachers!). Our team of in-house designers can work with you to tweak artwork so you can create a design that is truly unique to your school colours, motto and branding.

 We use only the best quality fabrics, also meaning they are durable and make a long-lasting souvenir.

 Leavers hoodies are the perfect memento of a student’s school timeline; they allow the students to progress in their life while keeping the hoodie as a souvenir to remind them of their school years.”

 Your 2020 order; Being the organiser of the 2020 school leaver’s hoodies can be tough gig but remember you can’t please everyone. At ID Athletic, we do this all the time and have an expert team on hand who are happy to help you create the best hoodies yet!

 Choose your style: Check out our range of 2020 Leavers Jackets and Jumpers here!